Ex housings
Aluminium die-castings

Contact data

Limatherm S.A.
ul. Tarnowska 1,
34-600 Limanowa
tel. +48 18 3379 820
fax +48 18 3379 825

Company profile

Limatherm S.A. is one of the European leaders specializing in die-cast aluminum products. The company is based in Poland and has been in the market for over 45 years. It specializes in the production of aluminum castings and explosionproof instrument housings for gas, petro, pressure and level applications. Our products are ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA certified.

Limatherm's facilities consist of a tool shop, die casting plant, product assembly line and paint shop, which enables the company to complete orders from the initial design stages to the final product. Our large R&D team assists our clients in developing their products on a regular basis. Our fast delivery service, high technical standards and outstanding quality are appreciated by customers worldwide.

Equipped with cold-chamber machines with a power of 250 to 900 tones, Limatherm is able to produce casts weighing up to 8 kg. Our high-tech equipment includes machines equipped with temperature stabilizers for pressure molds, devices for automatic spraying of the moulds and piston powder lubrication, spectrometers for checking the composition of the alloys and devices for hydrogen quality testing.